The Minstrel Push System

SIMOS Workshop, June 28-29, 1999, Santorini, Greece

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Table of Contents

The Minstrel Push System

The Minstrel Team


Meanwhile on the Internet ...

... so activate the Medium

Benefits of Push Systems

Sample applications

Why not use ....

... or why not use ...

Current Push Systems

Push Systems vs. Event-based Systems

Pedigree of Push Systems

Minstrel Architecture

Minstrel's Goals

Minstrel Hybrid Broadcasting

An Example Broadcast

BDC -> Receivers

Delay: Minstrel vs. Serial

Distribution of Delays

Minstrel's Architecture Revisited

Minstrel Receiver

Processing of Shipments

Minstrel Authentication

Minstrel Encryption

Client Security Framework

Minstrel's Payment Model


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Author:Manfred Hauswirth